Questions to Ask a Contractor before you Start a Project

questions to ask a contractor

Questions to Ask a Contractor

Below  I outlined few questions to ask a contractor before you actually let them bid on a project. That will help to interview contractors for your upcoming project. Feel free to use it.

First meeting:

  • Questions to ask a Contractor:
    • How many similar projects have you done in the area?
    • Can you provide addresses of complete projects, so we can swing by and take a look at them from the street?
    • Any of your previous clients would to let us see your work from inside?
    • You do most of the trades using own forces or use subcontractors?
    • How you typically deal with change orders in different situations? (architect/designer mistakes, structural engineering doesn’t work with interior design, unclear drawings, misinterpreting client notes)
    • Are there any construction trades that you can let us complete ourselves or with help of a friend?
    • Do you normally provide a list of items that clients need to decide on with deadlines?
    • How far over budget in average you see your projects go? (Percentage)
    • I need my quote to include all finish materials and appliances. Will you outline these items and provide allowances for them in dollar amount, so we can realize the whole budget?
    • Are the payments tied to city inspections?


There is no right answer to any question. Every contractor business model is different. It’s  matter for you to understand how contractor operate his business and how that will fit your needs and requirements.

In general 5-6 bids are necessary from reputable contractors; one lowest and one most expensive bid  should be excluded from competition and you continue to work with remaining bidders until you are ready to award a contract to a best suited contractor for your project.

And of course references, references, references…


Even if you don’t need an extra bid for your project from us, keep this list of questions to ask your contractor or yourself before getting engaged in a contract.

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