Answers you need before you Hire a Contractor

before you hire a contractor

Before you hire a Contractor

Before you hire a contractor or engage into an agreement with home builder or remodeler you need to find answers on following questions:

  • How to compare contractors quotes apple to apple?
  • How do I understand what is not included in the estimate?
  • How long it will take to complete my project?
  • Price range between different contractors is wide. How do I know which quote is closer to reality?
  • How do I make sure that my contractor is reliable?
  • When is the time to purchase all finish materials? When do I need to provide information to contractor?
  • What inspections normally needs to be passed on a project?
  • How I will follow up with construction schedule and track passed inspections?
  • How to finish project in time? How to make sure that contractor is on track and is on the schedule?
  • What if I don’t have extra money when project suddenly goes over budget?
  • Who is responsible for material deliveries?
  • How do I know if all hidden work behind walls and ceiling is done properly? I don’t want any leakage or damage in a future.
  • How contractor deals with potential problems at city inspections?
  • Can I continue getting mail on project address?


In some cases general contractor selection is based on intuition or 1-2 recommendations or even cheapest estimate with the hope for the best. Why?

In this article you can find how is the permit obtaining process for home additions looks like. 

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