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Concrete Foundation Estimator iOS application is most user-friendly estimating apps that use data from your plans or per your choice and calculates most detailed, solid estimate with just few clicks.

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Concrete foundation estimating iOS applicationNow homeowners, contractors and anyone who is building a house or addition can easily calculate their cost within minutes just adding necessary values from engineering plans.

Email right from your phone to your client a solid estimate, email to your material supplier the list of materials to order, email your project manager the scope of work, all at the same time.

Save time and money, increase sales closing ratio. Check if your subcontractor right on money, stop over and under estimator.

It has settings sections, where you can store your cost of materials you use, cost of labor, standard shear walls values, common piers values etc., so you can focus on real cost of the foundation without worries about over and under estimation.

Concrete foundation estimating iOS applicationConcrete foundation estimator iOS application comes with pre-set up settings, which you can adjust at your own level of price, time and use of materials.

Concrete foundation estimator iOS application calculates concrete demolition for slabs and footings, excavation cost and volume, reinforcement for most common re-bar sizes. Also adds cost and amount of re-bar for slabs, piers, footings and stem walls up to 8′ tall, concrete volume; labor for piers, reinforcement assembly and concrete pouring, cost of concrete pumping, adjustable workman’s comp rate, concrete waste %, overhead value, custom fields to add to estimate and many more.

App has built-in Tutorials with illustrated explanation for each section and tips for how to enter values correctly.

Concrete foundation estimating iOS applicationConcrete foundation estimator iOS application has been developed by professional engineer and General contractor.

Just add your standard, most common values for shear walls, concrete piers,materials cost, labor cost, overhead rate, workman’s comp rate, pumping speed rate and other cost only once. After settings page is setup and you have new foundation to estimate, app will use saved data in settings automatically to calculate your new foundation estimate.

Concrete foundation estimator iOS application has a portfolio page that saves all your projects and you can retrieve and modify estimates in seconds and be on top of your competitors. Make quote revisions in seconds, create PDF or Excel editable spreadsheets. Send you client either basic estimate showing no details just $ amounts for excavation, demolition, materials and labor or create very detailed estimate showing all materials to be used or labor for each section of the foundation.

Send a list of materials to your supplier right from your Concrete foundation estimator iOS application to order and get it on site same or next day. No time to loose, more jobs to win.

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