3 Beautiful Cabin Designs For Your Mountain Home

You finally attained your dream and bought some land in a peaceful wilderness wonderland. Now you’re ready to really get started on your mountain home and bring that dream into reality. There are a lot of choices to consider and even more factors to decide.

First thing’s first. What kind of design are you going for? It’s an important question and there’s a lot of information. Here are three styles and a little information to help you consider what your mountain home should look like.

Timber Frame

Timber frame homes are also known as post-and-beam and portray the ‘classical cabin’ style. They are made primarily with timber and wood. Timber frame homes have proven to be a sturdy and dependable option for construction. People have relied on this type of home for thousands of years and they have only gotten better with modern technology and techniques.

Timber frame homes offer the beauty of actually seeing the timber from the inside as well as the exterior. With soaring ceilings and a variety of floor layouts, there is plenty of open space to keep a cozy, yet, connected atmosphere.


Stick-built homes are the type that most people are familiar with. They use stud-framed construction with layers of insulation between the exterior and interior walls. The advantage of Stick-built homes is the wide range of building materials and the plethora of design options. Also, since these types of homes are most common, there is a multitude of builders and contractors with experience building these types of homes.

If you happen to be conscious of shopping local, this is an excellent choice as you can hire someone from within your community to help with construction. Stick-built is also familiar to banks and lenders. This is a valid concern to consider as it should keep problems to a minimum while paying off the home. Insurance companies will also be more likely to cause little fuss over such a tried and true home.


If you’re the type of person who doesn’t have much of a flair for design yourself and would simply prefer to pick from a selection of various options then a Modular home is probably something you should look into. Modular homes are built in sections in a facility. These modules are then shipped to your site and assembled on a foundation.

Modular homes are the quickest to construct and the weather has little effect on how quickly they can be finished. Modular companies offer a wide range of options and styles allowing you to customize your home in many ways.

There are countless options when deciding on the design for a mountain cabin home. Whether you prefer a classical log cabin style, or perhaps something more modern looking, there are choices out there for you and your family.

Alex Capozzolo is a partner of Better House Buyers, a home buyer based in Georgia. He has been writing for the real estate industry for several years. Alex enjoys writing on real estate investing, home improvement, and interior design.

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