Kitchen Remodeling Ideas That Increase Your Home’s Value

There is a common sentiment among most realtors that kitchens sell houses, and it is easy to see why: kitchens are the epicenter of most family and social interactions and are associated with the general satisfaction that comes with eating a good meal.

While this may lead some homeowners to jump into expensive kitchen renovations, take caution: not all kitchen remodeling projects are created equal. Diving into complicated, time-consuming projects that constitute a disproportionately high percentage of your property’s overall value can make it difficult to achieve a solid return on investment.

Therefore, New York City homeowners should keep the following trendy kitchen remodeling projects in mind if you are looking to maximize the value of your property come resale time.

1. Add a Breakfast Bar as a Barrier

If you watch any HGTV at all, you are probably not shocked to hear that an open concept is the prevailing trend in interior design, with homeowners largely shunning the walls that isolated areas of the home throughout the decades.

Nowhere is this open and inviting trend more prevalent than the kitchen. Modern homeowners prefer a kitchen that conjoins with other areas of the house and can be multi-purposed for other tasks when mealtime is not in session.

Therefore, if a cold wall is keeping your kitchen sequestered from the rest of the house, consider having it removed and replaced with a 36 or 42-inch breakfast bar. This bar will provide some separation between the kitchen and the area it sits next to while still allowing light and communication to flow freely throughout the house.

When topped with the most durable countertops, the breakfast bar can be quickly wiped clean to be used as an area for the kids to do their homework or as the venue for game night among friends.

2. Include Aging in Place Features

Thanks to the advent of the Internet and improvements in healthcare, people are generally retiring younger and living longer than at any point in history. The combination of these forces leads to people being able to spend more time in their home as they age.

“Any home features that allow aging buyers to enjoy comfort and functionality in their home throughout retirement are likely to command a premium price on the market.” – Chuck Waltman, Kitchen Remodeler

The good news is that many of these “aging in place” features are relatively affordable when it comes to kitchen renovations, with the following ideas offering some solid value added to your home:

  • Open shelves in place of traditional cabinets to limit the amount of reaching required to located cookware and china
  • Customizable handrails to aid in crouching and rising to access any low-level spaces
  • Shallow sinks to help limit the amount of bending and reaching required when doing dishes and/or washing vegetables
  • No-slip vinyl flooring tiles to help limit accidents caused by a wet surface and/or spills

3. Ensure the Kitchen is as Eco-Friendly as Possible

As society becomes increasingly conscientious of the debilitating effects of climate change, modern consumers are willing to pay a premium price to ensure they are doing their part in living a sustainable lifestyle.

This trend most definitely extends to the real estate market, with energy-efficient homes a hot commodity in forward-thinking areas such as New York City. As most kitchens consume more energy than any other area of the home, there are a multitude of ways to make your cookspace significantly more eco-friendly, including:

  • Installing Energy Star approved appliances. Some modern dishwashers can run an entire cycle on as little as four gallons of water
  • Adding low flow features to the sink faucet to limit water consumption
  • Purchasing water filtration adapters to eliminate the need for bottled water
  • Using durable, nonporous floor and surface materials to limit the resources required for cleaning and repair
  • Choosing motion-detected lights

Spruce Up Your Kitchen

Doing remodeling projects for your kitchen can certainly help increase your property value. With this guide, you will be able to remodel your kitchen into a modernized version that can fit well in today’s market. Follow these tips, and your kitchen’s look, as well as your property’s value, will surely be on top of the game! 
Bonus Tip: Also, it would be a wise choice to consult a professional contractor before you start your remodeling projects. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Progress Builders if you’re looking for seasoned and reputable home contractors that can get your projects done.

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