4 Beautiful Basement Renovation Ideas

4 Beautiful Basement Renovation Ideas

Many homeowners see the basement as a mere storage space for extra furniture and boxes full of nothing valuable. Space is left cluttered, chilly, and dark, making you turn to other projects and forget about them. If basements could talk, they’d be asking, “where is the love?” 

Basements should not be left out and looked over. They can be renovated to integrate with the rest of the house and add value to a property if done the right way. The main goal of a basement renovation is to decide how to finish up the large surfaces like walls, flooring, and ceiling. If you are wondering what is the best remodel idea for your basement in 2021, check out these 4 beautiful ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

1.Additional Living Room Space

Why have one living room when you have space for two? Renovating your basement is a great chance for you to have two family rooms where you can relax with your loved ones. This typically works better with basements that already have windows and natural light. No one likes a dark, cold living room!

You can remodel the basement differently from the usual living room. Also, you can leave the kids to play and watch movies in the basement as you enjoy the beauty of your house with your spouse or interact with other adults in the formal living area upstairs.

2. Home Gym

The basement provides ample space for a home workout customized to your interests. Renovate your basement to bring out that sauna-type experience you’ve always dreamed of. You can divide up the gym with different flooring options like carpets for stretching and wooden floors for yoga.

Basement lighting is a cheap renovation idea that goes a long way in upgrading the basement space. You’ll want strong lighting if you build a gym downstairs in this room. You can light it up by installing stylish bright pendants, chandeliers, track lighting, or neon signs depending on the theme. Go bright with a smart bulb which is excellent for recessed lighting fixtures where you can easily regulate the brightness from google chrome or your phone.

3. Entertain Your Guest in a Basement-Bar

Renovating your basement into a home bar is a fantastic idea to upgrade your basement space. Put cabinets with built-in counters along the wall. You can always welcome your guest in the area where you can always socialize and have some good moments. Finish it with major style points with lots of snacks, a countertop beer tap, and a self-service fridge.

4. Get Creative with Stylish Flooring and Stair-casing

Flooring should always be among the top basement renovation ideas. Bring out a cozy space with wall-to-wall carpeting, an elegant look with ceramic tiles, or even combine various wall types. For instance, vinyl plank floors are a cheap option that offers hardwood a stylish and classy look.

Remember your stairs are the first things that your guest will see when walking down the basement. Give them stairs of their kind. You can create suspended stairs, glass side panel stairs, or light up steps stairs.

From renovating your basement into your second bedroom, a bar, a gym, and many more, there are myriad basement remodels available out there. But choose the classy ones that buy your interests and pleasure. Remember to research before you begin the renovation to get the best out of what you feel suits you. Choose one of our top four renovation ideas, and you are good to go.
Alex Capozzolo is a writer for Shawn Buys Houses KC, a house flipping company based in Kansas City, MO. Shawn is a licensed realtor, and flips homes full-time. He enjoys swinging a hammer and making a house shine.

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